Aunt Mary's Nylons

Part One


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This is a fantasy story.... Although based on the looks and dress of my real aunt. Please keep in mind the story may contain structure errors, as I am only a novice writer. It also contains very adult content. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think by sending me an email.

Part 1

Aunt Mary's Nylons

My story takes place in the summer of 1966. A time when the fashion called for women to wear girdles, garters, and shiny ultra sheer reinforced heel and toe nylons, spiked heels pumps or mules daily! A time when my fetish for nylons was young and in full bloom!

Aunt Mary had stopped to visit us on her way back home from a week's vacation. She was going to spend a couple of days with us even though my mom had to work and could not be home during the day; I was off on summer vacation and would be home. My Aunt lived in Southern California and I didn't get a chance to see her as often as I would have liked. My Aunt was almost forty and still drop dead gorgeous with the most beautiful legs I have ever seen and by the way she dressed, she loved to show them off. Being divorced, my Aunt was known for her strictness as well as flirting and having a good time with a lifestyle that my mom sometimes gave her a bad time about it.

As I walked into the room to greet her the first thing I noticed were her beautiful shiny off-black tinted nylon encased legs and spiked pumps heels that had always made me weak in the knees for as long as I could remember. She looked as beautiful as ever with her classic bee hive hairstyle, her bright red lipstick, and her perfect makeup with dark heavy eyeliner that accented her big beautiful dark almond shaped eyes.

She gave me a big hug and I could feel her firm ass under her tight skirt as I put my arms around her waist, allowing one of my hands to wander a little lower. Her perfume made my head spin and I felt my heart pound in my chest. Not seeing her in a while and being up so close to her, I felt myself getting an instant erection. She hugged me hard and I hoped she could not feel my growing hard-on and my heart pounding in my chest against her big beautiful heavy breasts.

She pulled me back and winked at me saying, "So how is my favorite nephew? My, my, my, already eighteen, you're more handsome than the last time I saw you! "You must have all the girls at school chasing after you?" she said with a tight hug. My hands quickly went for my pockets to hide my hard on. I felt myself turning beet red. She pinched my cheek and laughed saying to my mother, "Look the poor dear is blushing!"

As we walked into the living room I followed them from behind. My aunt's figure was stunning with her small waist, big tits and hourglass shape. My aunt's shapely ass wiggled above those four inch spiked heels, and I could hear the swish of her stockings as she walked in her tight skirt.

As she sat on the couch talking to my mom she crossed her legs and I almost lost my breath at the sight of her beautiful gams. I could clearly see, from my chair, the beginnings of the dark bands of the stocking tops. I loved the contrast of stocking tops being so dark and the light tint of ultra sheer stocking legs in the off black. The dark, reinforced heel of her nylons peeked out of the back of her heel as she let it slip off and dangle it from her toes, making my pants stiffen even more.

My mom went into the kitchen to make some coffee and left me alone with my Aunt Mary. Though I tried not to, she caught me staring at her legs and said, "Well I see you must be a leg man? I thought I had a run in one of my stockings by the way your looking at my legs?"

She reached down and started to smooth her stockings with one hand as women do looking for any little wrinkles of nylon or checking for any little snags or imperfections on the stocking. I would do anything to feel those stockings myself, I thought. I said, "Oh I'm sorry aunty I didn't mean too stare". Then from just nervousness and stupidity I somehow blurted out "Its just that your nylons are so shiny they make your legs look so... so... beautiful!"

"Really?" she smiled. I thought I was in deep trouble from my remark knowing how strict my aunt can be at times. I was afraid that she might be upset with me or maybe even tell my mom.

Staring directly at me she winked, I heard the room fill with that nylon swish as she uncrossed her legs. She extended out one of her legs and again ran her hands over her stockings, slowly smoothing them from her ankle to the welt, then pulled and tugged the thin dark band of the stocking top and was adjusting one of her garters right in front of me.

"Oh well thank you dear I'm so glad you like them, darn stockings need so much attention some times though. I could not believe what I was viewing and my body went numb from the leg show and just having a conversation with her about her stockings.

She pulled her skirt down back over her stocking tops and patted the spot next to her on the couch, indicating for me to sit closer. I feared moving an inch because of my stiff condition. She winked again and smiled as she repeatedly patted the sofa. I felt as though I was under a powerful spell. I got up with one hand hanging down in front of my erection, hoping she would not notice the huge tent in my pants, and I sat next to her. She turned closer to me and I felt one of her silky knees touch mine firmly.

She reached over and lifted my hands covering my erection. She placed one of my hands on her smooth nylon knee; she held it firmly over her knee, and I gasped, almost moaned out loud from the smooth cool touch of her nylons.

They felt smoother than I had dreamed. Her nylons were so much silkier and sheerer than anything my mom had ever worn. I tried not to move my hand against her nylons from just pure fear but I could not help myself. I slowly moved my hand and fingers against her stockings and felt her hand help as she moved it in sync with mine.

"Well my dear what do we have here", she said staring at my erection straining under my pants. My hard on was so stiff I wished I were wearing my thicker jeans instead of my thin tan slacks. You could clearly see the full outline of my cock.

What made things worse was I now had a huge pre-cum spot where my cock's head had strained against my pants. My Aunt stared at my display as I tried to cover it up again with my other hand. She kept me from doing so. Smiling, she said: "Oh don't hide it… I am very flattered and if I might say more surprised by your size young man!" She pressed her hand on top of mine firmly and moved my hand against her stockings. "You poor dear, does my nephew have a stocking fetish? Does the sight and feel of my nylons get to you?" I felt flushed and thought I would cum in my pants.

My mom walked into the room with coffee and some cookies. Aunt Mary winked at me again and turned toward the table to serve a cup. My mom did not hear any of the conversation but she did hear something about stockings.

"I was just telling David I thought I snagged one of my stockings against the table. The dear came right over to inspect the table for a sharp edge for me," uunt Mary lied.

My mom laughed and said, "Was he checking the table or your stockings? Mary, are you teasing my son with your legs like you do with all the men?"

My Aunt laughed and said, "Well you know me I can't resist a legman when I see one! Especially as cute as David."

"Mary your going make him blush again, but I know what you mean, I have been finding more snags and getting runs in my nylons lately. I can never have enough stockings!" Mom rattled on.

My Mom excused herself to put another load of clothes in the washer and dryer downstairs. My aunt Mary turned to me smiling and in a low voice said, "I'm sure, young man, you had nothing to do with all those snags and runs in your mothers nylons did you David?" I felt like she was reading my mind… Like she knew that I had been getting into my mom's stockings and jerking off with them. Like she knew my secret of wearing my mom's nylons when I was home alone over the past years.

I had a blank stare and did not know how to respond. I sat there with my mouth open and nothing coming out. She leaned over to me and her knee was brushing against mine once more. She placed her hand over my erection, straining under my pants and rubbed her thumb and finger over the wet pre cum area.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest, more than ever, trying not to squirt my load right then and there. She leaned over to me, even closer and whispered, "You do, don't you? Tell me, do you like to masturbate with your mom's nylons?" she giggled and asked, "You don't wear them do you?"

I could not respond as my voice had grown weak and ashamed, but somehow I just nodded yes to her. "My, my, my… don't be ashamed… Your aunt thinks your nylon fetish is very exciting… your secret is safe with me!" she whispered.

We heard my Mom returning up the stairs and my Aunt removed her hand from my erection but first lifted her fingers to her mouth. They were a bit damp from my oozing pre cum off my pants. She looked at me, then closed her eyes and sucked her fingers lightly. I stared wide eyed with a look of desperate frustration and my aunt said softly "Oh you poor dear!" My mom returned and I was able to cover up and catch my breath.

Mom said she was sorry she couldn't take time off to be home tomorrow with us. Aunt Mary smiled and said, "Oh its ok, David and I will have a great time tomorrow. Besides, it's been too long since I have spent some time with my favorite nephew. It will be nice to have some private time with him," she cooed.

I was so excited, as well as nervous! I could hardly stand it. We all stayed up and talked for a couple more hours and aunt Mary kept her nylon leg show going for me. I would have normally run to the bathroom to jerk off for desperate relief, but I wanted to witness this stockings show from aunt Mary for as long as possible.

With my mom having to get up early for work on the next morning, she went upstairs to bed, leaving us watching TV. I was sitting on the long couch with a pillow over my lap hiding the erection that I had now endured for hours. I could feel the dampness from my pre-cum soaked pants.

With my mom surely asleep after a while, my aunt walked over to the couch and sat next to me. I was about to be seduced by aunt Mary, the one that I have dreamed of since I first started jerking off while thinking about women's nylons and heels. She said, "David you know my feet have been in these nasty pumps all day… they really hurt, and I would love to have a foot massage?"

I stammered a moment and said, "Oh aunty I would love to massage them for you!"

"Oh I was hoping you would say that dear!" She smiled and lifted both of her shapely legs placing her feet over my lap. With a seductive grin on her face she hooked the stiletto heel of one of her shoes under the pillow that had been hiding my erection and kicked it off my lap. Her pumps then rested in the middle of my lap just below my straining cock.

She crossed her ankles and I could see the well-worn bottoms of one of her shoes. I took a deep breath and placed my hands on her stocking legs just above her ankles and below her knees. I started to slide my hands across and around her ankles, toward her high heels. The feel of her nylons under my shaking hands was smoother than any other thing I had ever felt.

Having an intense nylon foot fetish I could not wait to see her feet and the smooth dark reinforced heels and toes of the nylons she was wearing. I stared at her beautiful black, soft, kid leather pumps and those tall, ultra thin heels. The tips of the shoes were long and very pointed with a low cut vamp that showed her toe impressions through the soft leather. There was that little wrinkle of nylon and the beautiful "toe cleavage" that I love. The sides of the pumps were low cut also and I could clearly see the corner of the dark reinforced heel peeking out of the side. Um, I just wanted to pull them off and hold them to my nose and smell them like I did with my mom's pumps when I was home alone.

"Well you have to remove my heels first Dear," aunt Mary said softly as she uncrossed her ankles and wiggled both pumps on my lap slightly. I reached nervously and slipped off both of her pumps. I loved that light but distinctive swish sound of the pumps sliding off a nylon foot. I thought I would die at the sight, as well as the scent, from her warm nylon toes as she wiggled them when they were released into the open.

I could not believe that on my lap both of her feet were encased in that high-gloss off black tinted stockings. Those big, dark, reinforced heel, and toes just inches from my straining cock. My hands were shaking as I touched her tootsie and began rubbing her high arch and the ball of her foot. She smiled and closed her eyes purring "Oh that feels so nice."

As I rubbed her foot I made sure I did not miss an inch. My aunt Mary whispered, "Oh you poor dear my feet must smell from being in those heels all day?"

"Oh no I pleaded…I don't mind that at all auntie, really I don't…!"

"You what?" as she interrupted me in mid sentence. "You like the smell of my feet in these well worn nylons?" she asked surprised.

In an almost shameful voice I admitted fully of my nylon foot fetish: "Yes auntie, so much!"

She smiled and said: "Now why did I already know that?" She lifted one of her feet up to my face and I held it firmly to my nose. I just let myself go and began to kiss and lick her nylon toes. The smooth shiny dark reinforcement over the toes felt like silk in my mouth. Her foot odor was so strong but I whimpered for more, moaning: "Oh auntie…!"

She laughed at the state I was in and said: "Good, that's it smell auntie's stinky nylons. Let the power of my nylons take control over you. Breath in deeply… good boy, that's it!"

She turned and placed the bottom of one of her feet against my nose. I put my nostrils directly under the dark reinforced nylon portion of her toes, just above the ball of her foot and breathed in deeply. I felt my cock grow another inch. The high gloss from her stockings sparkled as I moved my nose across the smooth slick nylon surface and kissed her feet. The bright and dark images that came across the screen of the TV added to the reflections over her stockings in the dim lit room.

My auntie's skirt was high enough for me to see her stocking tops as she raised one of her legs a little higher than the other.

I kissed and worshiped both feet with equal attention and auntie started to push her foot against my erection, which was still straining to the max under my pants. I ran my hands up and down her nylon legs from her feet to the tops of the stockings and felt the tabs of the garter belt pulling at her hose to make them smooth and taunt. Between small kisses, running my tongue against her nylon foot, and sucking on her nylon toes, I moaned to her that I had never felt nylons as smooth as hers.

She smiled and said: "Albert's Velvetized" they are my favorite. Just wait until tomorrow, I will have you in a pair!" she cooed.

I could not believe my ears. "In your nylons auntie?" I gasped in disbelief of what I had just heard.

She laughed and repeated "Yes you heard me correctly dear, when I have you in a pair of my stockings!"

She pressed her foot firmly against my aching cock and whispered to me to undo my pants and let my cock out. She did not have to ask me twice and within seconds my cock was finally out and standing at full attention, inches from her foot. I gasped, moaned and arched my back against the couch as the smooth sole of her warm foot found my hard ultra sensitive shaft. I felt my body shaking as she rubbed her nylon foot, slowly using her high arch to the toes across my cock's head and long shaft.

Up and down her feet worked their magic. My body shook with pleasure and I felt that I could not hold back much longer. I must have had a desperate look of frustration on my face. She raised her skirt up pulled the panties down that she had worn over her garter belt all the way down to her knees. I reached for them and pulled them the rest of the way over her ankles and feet.

She slowly spread her legs apart exposing her pussy, but kept her nylon feet still clamped around my stiff cock like a vise, and not letting go. I could clearly see her dampness as she looked at me smiling and rubbing her pussy very slowly in front of me. I saw her expression soften and her eyes closed as her fingers disappeared deep in her pussy. She eased up on her foot strokes around my cock to make sure I would last a little longer and whispered to me in between her deep breathing and moans, "Not yet dear, hold on!"

I watched wide-eyed as she worked her fingers deeper into her pussy and I could hear the wet sounds as she worked her clit faster. She started to moan deeper and cried, "I going to cum!"

She told me, "Now…now you can cum against my nylons!"

She began to rub her silky smooth feet on my cock with full pressure, almost as fast as her fingers worked her silky wet slit. I felt my balls ache and my seed fluids start to boil over. My young cock was in that state of lost control and had reached the point of no return! I could feel my cum from within my balls surging up my cock to its wide open pee hole as I moaned: "Oh Auntie!"

I shot my cum in long, hard, full bursts over her stockings. As she was still in spasm from her own orgasm, her eyes were fixed on her nylon footwork and my erupting cock. She watched my semen splatter against her stockings and laughed at the mess I had made. My cock was now coated with cum as she continued to slowly stroke my dick with her feet squeezing out the last of my seed.

She worked my spent cum that was on the sides of her nylon's stained and wet arches, up against my cock's big purple heard and smeared it as I continued to moan with pleasure at the feel and sight of it all.

With her dark, wet, reinforced nylon toes, she was now pushing as much cum as she could up to my cock's head with great skill. She kneeled down in front of me and spread my leg. She looked up at me and said, "I just can't let all of this go to waste!"

She began to lick and suck my cock clean. My spent cock was still bouncing from its release as I stared in disbelief, watching it disappear into her warm mouth.

She kept her eyes looking up at mine as she grabbed my balls and squeezed them telling me: "Let me have it all!"

Smiling, she let her mouth open so I could see my load of cum mess against her tongue and lips and then she swallowed it. While licking up every bit of cum, she kept moaning and saying, how sweet my young semen tasted.

I never before had a blowjob and her warm smooth lips and tongue felt so good after my nylon foot fuck.

With my cock now back to its full and hard state, it glistened after her tongue clean up and her fresh spit and saliva on its tip.

She started to climb back up on the couch, never taking her eyes off mine as she spread both of her knees across my lap. I held on to her stocking legs and pulled her closer. Her pussy was inches from my cock. She unbuttoned her blouse and her huge tits and cleavage were held encased together by her flimsy black bra.

I did not know what the hell I was doing but I tried to push my cock up to meet her pussy wanting to feel my first pussy fuck of my life.

She leaned forward and up pushed her big tits against my face. I moaned and kissed her shiny black bra that held her nipples inside the big cups. I was frustrated that her bra was not allowing her nipples to reach my mouth.

I gasped and moaned and I felt her still wet pussy lips brush up against the head of my cock. I let my hands slide off her nylons and grab her firm asss. I wanted to push and shove my cock deep into her wet pussy and fuck her as she sat on top of me with her thighs open wide across my hips.

She kissed me long and hard and I felt her tongue enter my mouth. I could taste her now smeared red lipstick and I continued to moan from it all. As she kissed me I could feel her body move to her accelerated breathing. I began to pull her ass a little more firmly up against my body.

She released me from our lip lock and gave me small kisses across my face up to my ear. Aunt Mary was breathing heavily and whispered in my ear. "God damn you young fucking stud! Not now dear! Tomorrow we will be all alone and I am going to teach you things you never dreamed of. Plus I have a little surprise for you dear. I can't wait to see you in a pair of my stockings! Both of us wearing nylons! You think you would like that? Both of us fucking in stockings?"

I was breathing so hard again, my body still shaking from her low voice and words in my ear. I was able to moan out as I kissed her lips again "Oh yes auntie …please auntie yes!" She then reached for her nylon panties on the couch next to us and placed them over my nose. I could feel and smell her dampness on them. I gasped at the scent and moaned into her panties as she still teased the head of my cock with her wet pussy opening.

She then pushed me back against the couch, disappointing me as she dismounted my lap leaving me with my legs spread wide open and my cock standing at attention.

She stood up and started adjusting her stockings and clothes. She placed her panties in my hand, then leaned over and kissed me. She then wiped some of her lipstick off my lips and whispered: "You better get some good rest tonight, my favorite nephew, because tomorrow you are going to need it!"

I started to beg for her not to leave and she just held a finger over her lips.

She picked up her pumps and started to walk away. My eyes followed her stocking feet and up the backs of her nylon legs to her firm shapely ass… she turned and lifted one of her pumps to her nose and took a small whiff.

She made a funny face, looked at me shaking her head and laughed: "Pee..U these pumps stink, you're so nasty!" She winked at me and walked out of the room.

I sat there with my hard cock in my hand still wanting more. I wanted it to be morning now, and I thought about what had just happened and what was to come.

It was going to be a long night till morning!

To be continued...


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