The Nylon Foot Tease!

© Pierre Bougie 2004


Illustrated by Bubbly Blonde:

Bubbly Blonde

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It is a fact: a lot of men are mesmerized when they have the opportunity to look at a woman who plays about with her shoes…Especially when the girl is wearing nylons or socks. I should know, because I test it often myself while at the office!

When I feel a little naughty in the morning, I sometimes decide to wear a shorter skirt and a pair of long stockings instead of the usual pantyhose. I choose a color that will match with what I am wearing, but I guess black is the color of choice. I take pride in putting the stockings on very carefully. I always bundle up the material between my fingertips as if I were rolling up the nylon into a doughnut shape. With the toes into a lovely point, I carefully adjust the reinforced tip over my well manicured toenails. The darker nylon covers the tips of my toes and I adjust it so that all of my little digits are under the opaque material. Then I gently pull at the stocking while extending the leg and releasing some of the bundled nylon at the same time.

When the reinforcement of the heel fits snugly against my tennis ball size round and fleshy muscle, I watch that it is evenly distributed over my heel. The little pointed rear of this particular French heel nylon must be equal on each side of my foot. This is extremely important as I don't want it to look crooked while I'm wearing my four inch high-heel pumps! It needs to go up straight so that the seam splits the back of my leg right down the middle. For the foot fetishist voyeur, it is an added thrill to discover the reinforcement of the nylon heel when I slowly pop it out of the shoe… But that will come later!

I gradually pull the stocking all the way up to my thigh and then attach the metal clasps snugly at the welt. My lacy garter belt and suspenders then become real taught and pull at the nylon to hold it up high on my leg as the stockings are almost stretched to their limit! When both legs are neatly encased in the silky thigh-highs, I take a few strolls in my bedroom, walking on my tiptoes and watch this sexy allure my legs have suddenly taken… The calf muscles become taught and my shapely legs really offer a muscular look that makes me very proud of them!



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